CELLWednesday, March 26, 2003

8:00 AM-12:00 PM Hampton Inn Convention Center -- Bienville,Oral
Modified Fibers with Medical and Specialty Applications
Enzymatic Modification of Textile Fibers
Presiding:Artur Cavaco-Paulo
Organizers:J. Vincent Edwards
Gisela Buschle-Diller
Steve C. Goheen
8:00 AM 106Substrate specificities of new polygalacturonases and a pectate lyase with potential for bioscouring
Wolfgang Schnitzhofer, Barbara Klug, Margarita Calafell, Maria Vrsanska, George M Guebitz
8:30 AM 107Treatment of wool by pulse corona discharge and enzymes
Toru Takagishi, Sung-Mi Cho, Mitsuru Tahara
9:00 AM 108Surface modification of cellulosic fibers with kinases and hydrolases
Tzanko Tzanov, Artur Cavaco-Paulo
9:30 AM 109Study on the tactile properties of enzyme-treated yarns and fabrics
Vijay Kasi, Radhakrishnaiah Parachuru, Gisela Buschle-Diller, Fred L. Cook
10:00 AM Intermission
10:30 AM 110Biomodified regenerated cellulosic fibers with improved properties
Danuta Ciechanska, Henryk Struszczyk, Janusz Kazimierczak, Krystyna Guzinska
11:00 AM 111Enzymatic modification of synthetic fibers
Gudrun Fischer-Colbrie, Sonja Heumann, Artur Cavaco-Paulo, George M Guebitz
11:30 AM 112Cellulose fibers with controlled surface morphology
Åsa P. Linder, Paul Gatenholm

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