CELLTuesday, March 25, 2003

8:25 AM-12:00 PM Hampton Inn Convention Center -- Antonine,Oral
Modified Fibers with Medical and Specialty Applications
Modifications for Medical Applications: Part I
Organizer, Presiding:J. Vincent Edwards
Organizers:Gisela Buschle-Diller
Steve C. Goheen
8:25 AM Introductory Remarks
8:30 AM 77Biocidal coatings for natural and synthetic fibers
S. D. Worley, J. Lin, Catherine Winkelmann, Jangho Kim, C. I. Wei, Unchin Cho, R. M. Broughton, Jeffery F. Williams
9:00 AM 78Absorption performance of activated carbon nonwoven
Jonathan Y. Chen, Ioan I. Negulescu, Larry C. Wadsworth
9:30 AM 79New biomaterials for medical uses
Henryk Struszczyk, Antoni Niekraszewicz, Magdalena Kucharska
10:00 AM Intermission
10:30 AM 80Behavior of cells cultured on Cuprophan
N Faucheux, J Gekas, JL Duval, MD Nagel
11:00 AM 81Use of textile technology for creating novel biomaterial surfaces
Martin J Bide, Matthew D. Phaneuf, Frank W LoGerfo, William C Quist
11:30 AM 82Design, preparation, and activity of modified-cotton wound dressings with protease-lowering activity
J. Vincent Edwards, Dorne R. Yager, I. Kelman Cohen, Steve C. Goheen, Alvin Bopp

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