IECMonday, March 24, 2003

8:00 PM-10:00 PM Convention Center -- Hall G,Sci-Mix
Organizer, Presiding:Amudhu Gopalan
 128Development of polyethersulfone hollow-fiber ultrafiltration membrane for removal of NOM
Jian-Jun Qin, Maung-Htun Oo, Hsiaowan Lee
 130A field assessment of nanoscale bimetallic particles for groundwater treatment
Daniel W. Elliott, Weixian Zhang
 133Nanoscale iron particles for perchlorate reduction
Jiasheng Cao, Daniel Elliott, Weixian Zhang
 134Remediation of chlorinated hydrocarbon contaminants using supported bimetallic nanoparticles
Bianca N. Will, Bettina Schrick, Jennifer L. Blough, Abrahm J. Vogel, Thomas E. Mallouk
 135Removal of Cu(II) from aqueous solutions by dendrimer-enhanced ultrafiltration
Simone Christie, Mamadou Diallo, Lajos Balogh, James H. Johnson Jr., William A. Goddard III
 138Three-dimensional nanostructured architectures for energy storage
Jeffrey W. Long, Christopher P. Rhodes, Michael S. Doescher, Michael S. Logan, Debra R. Rolison
 140Transition metal catalysis in ionic liquids: A cautionary note on the "washing" and recycling of ionic liquids
Phillip Fox, James H. Davis Jr., Ioanna Ntai
 142Synthesis of several ionic liquids and their use as replacement solvents in typical organic reactions
Danette L. Astolfi, Francis C. Mayville Jr.
 143Liquid ionic phosphates and polyammonium ionic liquid sulfonamides preparation of new ionic liquid species and their pulse-radiolysis characteristics
Sharon I. Lall-Ramnarine, Robert Engel, James F. Wishart, Sherly Bellevue, Ravinder Raju, Alexander Scumpia, Revans Ragbir, Julia Christodoulou
 145Influence of ion type and concentration on the emulsion stability and machining performance of two semisynthetic metal-working fluids
Julie B. Zimmerman, Kim F. Hayes, Steven J. Skerlos
 146Environmentally benign approaches toward asymmetric catalysis
Helen L Ngo, Aiguo Hu, Wenbin Lin
 147Dynamic control of noncovalent interactions in mesoscale assembly: Green chemistry in action
Arundhati Undurti, John C. Warner
 151Reaction design and environmentally benign synthesis
John Pyers IV, John C. Warner, Amy S. Cannon
 155Complex identification in filtrates of a treated Hanford high-level waste simulant
Christopher J. Bannochie, Emad H. Borai, John T Coates, Matthew D. Fleahman, James D. Navratil
 157Using synchrotron radiation to chemically identify and characterize human latent fingerprints: A novel forensic approach
Tommy J. Wilkinson, Dale L. Perry, Michael C. Martin, Wayne R. McKinney
 159Dissolvable polymeric stamps for use in soft lithography
L. Rhys Lawson, Larry Dalton
 160Neural network on patterned carbon nanotubes substrate
Sathyajith Ravindran, Shalini Prasad, Brooke Colburn, Mihri Ozkan, Cengiz Ozkan
 161Carbon-nanotube bioconjugates for in vivo applications
Sathyajith Ravindran, Sumit Chaudhary, Mihri Ozkan, Cengiz Ozkan
 162Nanoassembly of novel enzymes for biocatalysis and degradation of environmental pollutants
Rajendra K. Aithal, Devendra S. Patel, Gopal Krishna, Yuri M. Lvov, Tünde Mester, Ming Tien, Debasish Kuila
 163Hen egg-white lysozyme protein crystals in nanocomposite-materials synthesis
Joan K. Bosworth, Mary E. Turner, Joshua C. Falkner, Timothy J. Trentler, Jayashree Soman, George N. Phillips Jr., Vicki Colvin
 164Enzyme-catalyzed siloxane-bond formation
Alan R. Bassindale, Kurt F. Brandstadt, Thomas H. Lane, Peter G. Taylor
 167Properties of regenerated cellulose from ionic liquids
Richard P. Swatloski, John D. Holbrey, Scott K. Spear, Robin D. Rogers
 168Liquid clathrate formation in ionic liquids and its effects on the solvent properties
W. Matthew Reichert, John D. Holbrey, M. Nieuwenhuyzen, O Sheppard, C. Hardacre, Robin D. Rogers
 172Rh/C-catalyzed reductive coupling of haloaryls to biphenyls in water
Sudip Mukhopadhyay, Ashutosh V. Joshi, Yoel Sasson
 174Boron removal by reverse osmosis
Maung-Htun Oo, Jian-Jun Qin, Hsiaowan Lee
 176Magnetic filtration/adsorption for removal of arsenic from drinking water
Ibrahim S. Shaban, Stephen E Creager, Tanju Karanfil, James D. Navratil

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The 225th ACS National Meeting, New Orleans, LA, March 23-27, 2003