NUCLMonday, March 24, 2003

1:00 PM-4:05 PM Convention Center -- Room 396,Oral
Synchrotron-Based Analytical Techniques for Nuclear and Environmental Sciences
Presidings:David K. Shuh
Melissa A. Denecke
Organizer:Martine C. Duff
1:00 PM Introductory Remarks
1:05 PM 47X-ray spectroscopic and diffraction study of the distribution and speciation of uranium in contaminated sediments from the DOE’s Hanford site
Jeffrey G. Catalano, John M. Zachara, S. M. Heald, Gordon E. Brown Jr.
1:25 PM 48X-ray microtomography study of metal distribution in sediments related to pore structure modification by mineral dissolution and neophase formation under extremely alkaline conditions
Soh-joung Yoon, Keith W. Jones, Antonio Lanzirotti, Huan E. Feng, Wooyong Um, R. Jeffrey Serne, K. G. Karthikeyan, William F. Bleam
1:45 PM 49Direct evidence for Ca-UO2-CO3 complexation
Shelly Kelly, K. M. Kemner, Scott C. Brooks, James K. Fredrickson, David W Kennedy, John M. Zachara, Scott Fendorf, Andrew Plymale, Sue L. Carroll
2:05 PM 50XAFS studies of technetium in alkaline solution and cement and glass matrices
Wayne W. Lukens Jr., David K. Shuh
2:25 PM Intermission
2:45 PM 51Aqueous colloids from corrosion of metallic uranium fuel: A SAXS and TEM study
Jeffery A. Fortner, C. J. Mertz, Margaret M. Goldberg, Sönke Seifert
3:05 PM 52XANES study of iron and uranium oxidation states in Nevada Test Site nuclear melt glasses
Erik J. Nelson, Timothy P. Rose, Patrick G. Allen, Frederick J. Ryerson
3:25 PM 53Reevaluating neptunium in uranyl phases derived from corroded spent fuel
Jeffery A. Fortner, Robert J. Finch, Arthur J Kropf, James C. Cunnane
3:45 PM 54EXAFS characterization of uranium speciation in an amorphous metallic matrix
Virginia L. Curran, Ken R. Czerwinski, Patrick G. Allen

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