NUCLWednesday, March 26, 2003

1:30 PM-4:55 PM Convention Center -- Room 391,Oral
Analytical Chemistry in Nuclear Technology
General Developments
Organizer, Presidings:David T. Hobbs
Charles J. Coleman
Organizers:Jeff C. Griffin
David E. Hobart
1:30 PM Introductory Remarks
1:35 PM 118ESI-MS investigation of uranyl(VI) speciation in the presence of citrate
Sofie P Pasilis, Arpad Somogyi, Jeanne E. Pemberton
2:05 PM 119Vanadium isotopic analysis by thermal ionization mass spectrometry
Yong-Hong Zhang, Masao Nomura, Yasuhiko Fujii
2:35 PM 120Determination of plutonium concentrations in Savannah River Site high-level nuclear waste solutions
David T. Hobbs, David P. DiPrete, Thomas B. Peters, Mark J. Barnes, Cecilia C. DiPrete
3:05 PM Intermission
3:25 PM 121Quantitative gas analysis by a quadrupole mass spectrometer
Lily L. Wang, Quirinus G. Grindstaff
3:55 PM 122From conceptualization to "open for business": Analysis of uranyl nitrate solutions of varying enrichments and concentrations at the Savannah River Site
Michael J. Brisson, Sheldon T. Nichols, Joey J. Smiley, Jessica Urbanik-Coughlin
4:25 PM 123Quantitation of tributyl phosphate and n-paraffins in radioactive waste using isotopic dilution and GC/MS SIM analysis
Stephen L. Crump

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