CATLTuesday, March 25, 2003

8:00 AM-12:00 PM Convention Center -- Room 342,Oral
Plasma Technology and Catalysis
Plasma Catalytic Processes
Organizers:Ben Jang
Chang-jun Liu
Thomas Hammer
8:00 AM Introductory Remarks
8:05 AM 16Plasma catalytic hybrid processes
Thomas Hammer
8:50 AM 17NOx removal in a corona discharge: Catalyst hybrid system
Miroslaw Dors, Jerzy Mizeraczyk
9:15 AM 18Combination of low- and high-temperature catalysts to obtain broad temperature coverage for NOx reduction under plasma-facilitated conditions
Christopher L. Aardahl, John W. Hoard, Paul W. Park, Charles H.F. Peden
9:40 AM Intermission
9:55 AM 19NOx removal using discharge plasma and electrophoresis
SU Zhen-Zhou, SAWADA Jun, Takashima Kazunori, Katsura Shinji, Mizuno Akira
10:20 AM 20Plasma-catalyst interactions in the treatment of volatile organic compounds and NOx with pulsed corona discharge and reticulated vitreous carbon Pt/Rh-coated electrodes
Michael J. Kirkpatrick, Wright C. Finney, Ronald J. Clark, Bruce R Locke
10:45 AM 21Selective reduction of NOx in oxygen-rich environments with plasma-assisted catalysis: Catalyst development and mechanistic studies
Charles H.F. Peden, S. E. Barlow, John W. Hoard, Do Heui Kim, Ja Hun Kwak, Chang Seop Lee, M. L. Balmer-Millar, A. G. Panov, Janos Szanyi, R. G. Tonkyn
11:10 AM 22Oxidation of propene and the formation of methyl nitrate in nonthermal plasma discharges
Uwe Riedel, Igor Orlandini
11:35 AM 23NOx formation in dielectric barrier discharge over CuZSM-5 catalyst in N2/O2
Aimin Zhu, Qi Song, Jinhai Niu, Yong Xu, Xuefeng Yang

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