CATLMonday, March 24, 2003

1:30 PM-5:05 PM Convention Center -- Room 342,Oral
Plasma Technology and Catalysis
Plasma Preparation of Catalysts
Organizers:Ben Jang
Chang-jun Liu
Thomas Hammer
1:30 PM Introductory Remarks
1:35 PM 9Some peculiarities of nanodispersed catalysts synthesized or regenerated in electric-arc plasma conditions
Gheorghi P. Vissokov
2:20 PM 10Plasma torch generation of supported metal catalysts
Jonathan Phillips, Chun-Ku Chen, Hugo Zea, Abhaya, K. Datye
2:45 PM 11Microwave-plasma-assisted preparation of disperse metal-oxide-supported catalysts
Andrea Dittmar, Hendrick Kosslick, Angelika Brückner
3:10 PM Intermission
3:25 PM 12Low-pressure RF plasma effect on the dispersion and stability of supported Pt catalysts
Jason Zhan, Proveen Boopalachandran, Ben W.L. Jang, Jai Cho, Richard B. Timmons
3:50 PM 13Plasma treatment of Ni catalyst via a corona discharge in various gas environments
Zhenhua Li, Shuxun Tian, Hongbing Tian, Baowei Wang
4:15 PM 14XPS, XRD, and TEM characterization of nanostructured catalysts prepared by the plasma treatment
Fei He, Yali Qiao, Lan Cui, Chang-jun Liu
4:40 PM 15Plasma-chemical preparation of nanostructured catalysts for low-temperature steam conversion of carbon monoxide-catalytic activity
Gheorghy P. Vissokov

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