NUCLTuesday, March 25, 2003

8:30 AM-11:35 AM Convention Center -- Room 391,Oral
Analytical Chemistry in Nuclear Technology
Developments in Waste-Tank Separation and High-Level Sludge Analytical Methods
Presiding:Steve M. Serkiz
Organizers:Charles J. Coleman
David T. Hobbs
Jeff C. Griffin
David E. Hobart
8:30 AM Introductory Remarks
8:35 AM 69Thermodynamic studies of actinide complexation at elevated temperature
Sue B. Clark, Alena Paulenova
8:55 AM 70Evaluation of silver-impregnated activated carbons for I-129 and Tc-99 from an acidic groundwater
Steven M. Serkiz, K.M. Kanzleiter, Erin E. Cumbie, Tanju Karanfil
9:15 AM 71On-line ICP-ES monitor and sampling system for measuring rhenium and technetium breakthrough from SuperLig 639 columns
W.D. King, W.A. Spencer
9:35 AM 72New test apparatus for measuring particle kinetics and equilibrium isotherms based on a differential column approach
C.E. Duffey, W.D. King, L.L. Hamm
9:55 AM Intermission
10:15 AM 73Impact of precipitates on the removal of cesium from Hanford waste tank simulants
Steven M. Serkiz, Kimberly R. Powell, A.L. Pishko
10:35 AM 74Development of analytical methods for characterizing a high-level sludge macrobatch feed to the defense waste-processing facility
Charles J. Coleman, Robert J. Ray, David R. Best, Amy A. Ekechukwu, Damon R. Click, Frank M. Pennebaker, Ned E. Bibler, Terri L. Fellinger, Fernando F. Fondeur, Don W. Blankenship, Carol M. Jantzen, David C. Koopman, Connie C. Herman
10:55 AM 75Total carbon determination of radioactive coal-bearing sludge at the Savannah River Site
Amy A. Ekechukwu, Charles J. Coleman, Damon R. click
11:15 AM 76Rheological properties of DWPF sludge batch-two radioactive slurries
Terri L. Fellinger, Eric K. Hansen, David C. Koopman

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