NUCLSunday, March 23, 2003

1:30 PM-5:00 PM Convention Center -- Room 391,Oral
Environmental Restoration and Green Chemistry in Nuclear Technology
Green Chemistry
Presiding:Dennis L. Hjeresen
Organizers:Amy A. Ekechukwu
Dennis L. Hjeresen
1:30 PM Introductory Remarks
1:40 PM 23Granulation technology for the minimization of radioactive contaminated waste
Donald Quintana, Fernando Roybal, Susan S. Ramsey, Jay Stimmel, Kevin B. Ramsey
2:00 PM 24CerOx process for on-site organic waste destruction: A nonthermal alternative to incineration
Norvell Nelson, Stuart L. Nolan
2:20 PM 25Expansion of Green is Clean Program at Nuclear Materials Technology Division facilities
Robert L. Dodge, Kathleen M. Gruetzmacher, Edward L. Horst, Steve Meyers, Susan S. Ramsey, Richard M. Salazar
2:40 PM 26Molecularly imprinted polymers for the specific rebinding of macrocyclic metal complexes via noncovalent interactions
Xiaobin Zuo, Donnati Mosha, Mansour M. Hassan, Daryle H. Busch
3:00 PM Intermission
3:20 PM 27Preorganized malonamide ligands: New ligands and materials for f-block ion binding
James E. Hutchison, Robert D. Gilbertson, Bevin W. Parks, B. P. Hay, Brian M. Rapko
3:40 PM Panel Discussion
4:40 PM Concluding Remarks

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