IECMonday, March 24, 2003

1:45 PM-5:00 PM Convention Center -- Room 393,Oral
Industrial Crystallization (sponsored by Separation Science & Technology Subdivision)
Presidings:Ronald W. Rousseau
Daniel A. Green
Organizer:Allan S. Myerson
1:45 PM Introductory Remarks
1:50 PM 72Template-directed crystal nucleation
Daniel A. Green, Changzai Chi, Alexander Couzis, Charles Maldarelli
2:15 PM 73Effects of cosolutes on the solubilities of amino acids
Ronald W. Rousseau, Amyn S. Teja, Izumi Kurosawa
2:40 PM 74Effects of seed quantity and property on selective crystallization of pharmaceutical compounds
Jian Wang, Jennifer Baxter, Aaron Cote, Nausheen Khokhar, John Lepore, Christopher Loose, Amar Mahajan, Richard Osifchin, Mary Stanik
3:05 PM 75Effects of calcium and other cations on Burkeite crystallization
Ronald W. Rousseau, Bing Shi, W. James Frederick
3:30 PM Intermission
3:45 PM 76Identification and characterization of an anomalous racemate
Jose E Tabora, James Corry, Richard Osifchin, John Lepore
4:10 PM 77Influence of impurities on the transformation rate of a pharmaceutical active ingredient
Allan S. Myerson, Takashi Mukuta
4:35 PM 78Polymorphism as a vehicle for crystallization research: Structure-property relationships and selective nucleation
Lian Yu

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