Red River Pharma: To provide essential GLP laboratory and GMP clinical/pilot/commercial scale manufacturing services in Louisiana


Jairaj U. Mehta, Red River Pharma Development, LLC, 1868 Kings Highway, Suite – 110, Shreveport, LA 71103
Red River Pharma Development, LLC (RRPD), a newly formed company, providing product development and manufacturing services, key components of the Louisiana Bioscience Initiative, is part of Shreveport’s planned Wet-Lab Incubator. To jump-start its operations, RRPD will be housed in a temporary laboratory, with a staff of about 15, starting in January, 2003, to develop early stages of products targeted for development and manufacture in the new facility (employing about 80) to be completed by June, 2004. RRPD will offer oral solids, as well as parenteral products like monoclonal antibodies, liposomes, suspensions, lyophilized products, microemulsions, etc. The dosage forms will include tablets, capsules, liquids, serum vials, syringes, etc. In addition to Pamlab (RRPD's catalyst and anchor client), RRPD’s potential clients include biotech startups, and other PhRMA companies – from across the nation. RRPD is thus poised to offer exciting opportunities to the nascent, but rapidly developing biotechnology industry in Louisiana.