On-line ICP-ES monitor and sampling system for measuring rhenium and technetium breakthrough from SuperLig 639 columns


W.D. King and W.A. Spencer. Savannah River Technology Center, Westinhouse Savannah River Company, Aiken, SC 29808
An on-line ICP-ES monitor and sampling system have been developed in support of the Hanford River Protection Project Waste Treatment Plant design. The technology was developed for potential plant application to monitor technetium removal from low-level radioactive waste solutions by ion exchange. During method development, the monitor was utilized to collect elemental composition data on a frequency of 15 minutes to support lab-scale anion exchange column testing of nonradioactive waste simulants containing rhenium as a surrogate for technetium.

High-resolution liquid-phase concentration profiles were generated for multiple metal during all phases of column operation (ranging from 5 M Na+ feed solutions at 25 „aC to water eluent solutions at 65 „aC). The fine time-scale data provided unique information on the presence of competitor species for resin adsorption sites and the timing of desorption for various species during column elution. This work showed that highly time-resolved analyses collected using the on-line ICP-ES system were essential in discerning many of the details of competitive ion sorption mechanisms for this system.