Determination of waste-acceptance radionuclides in DWPF sludge batch two


N. E. Bibler, J. R. Harbour, T. L. Fellinger, and D. P. Diprete. Savannah River Technology Center, Westinghouse Savannah River Co, Aiken, SC 29808
The Defense Waste Processing Facility (DWPF) at Savannah River Site is currently processing HLW Sludge Batch 2 for geologic disposal. The Waste Acceptance Product Specification 1.2 for disposal requires that radionuclides that have half lives greater than 10 years and contribute more than 0.05 % of the radioactivity at any time from production through the 1100-year period between 2015 and 3115 be reported. A sample of Sludge Batch 2 was extensively analyzed at Savannah River Technology Center and concentrations of 40 radionuclides were determined or estimated. Calculations of radioactive decay and daughter production for these radionuclides were then preformed for every 100 years out to the year 3115. As a result twenty-nine radionuclides were identified as reportable. The radionuclides include neutron activation products, U-235 fission products, and actinides. Examples are Ni-59, Ni-63, Se-79, Tc-99, Sn-121m, U-233, Np-237, Am-243, and Cm-246. Details will be discussed.