Bench-scale testing of remedial technologies for NAPLs containing PCBs and chlorinated benzenes


Bryan R. Maurer, Cummings/Riter Consultants, 339 Haymaker Road, Parkway Bldg, Suite 201, Monroeville, PA 15146
Bench-scale tests of potential remedial technologies were performed on NAPLs and NAPL-saturated soils containing PCBs and chlorinated benzenes from a CERCLA site in western Pennsylvania. Two destruction technologies were tested in a laboratory setting to determine if the technologies are capable of remediating the specific contaminants and concentrations found in site media. Solubility and viscosity tests using various solvents and at various temperatures were also performed to determine the viability of solvent washing and/or electrical resistivity heating. The bench-scale oxidation tests indicate a full-scale efficiency of approximately 5 pounds hydrogen peroxide per pound of organic contaminant, depending on the silt content of the impacted soils. The biological treatment tests indicated destruction of up to 89 percent of the organic contaminants within two weeks. Solvent washing with isopropanol indicated a transfer of up to 88 percent of the organic contaminants from the impacted soil to the solvent.