NAPL characterization using the Ribbon NAPL Sampler


Brian D. Riha and Joe Rossabi. Savannah River Technology Center, Westinghouse Savannah River Company, Bldg 704-D, Aiken, SC 29808
The Ribbon NAPL Sampler (RNS) is a direct sampling device that provides continuous depth discrete mapping of Non Aqueous Phase Liquids (NAPLs) in a subsurface borehole. This technique uses the Flexible Liner Underground Technologies (FLUTe) membrane to deploy a hydrophobic absorbent ribbon. The system is placed into the borehole and the ribbon absorbs the NAPL that is in contact with it. A dye, sensitive only to NAPL, is impregnated in the ribbon and changes color when the contaminants are contacted. The presence and depth discrete location of DNAPL is indicated by physical color changes on the ribbon. The Ribbon NAPL Sampler can be deployed with direct push methods or drilling methods in both the vadose and saturated zones. The RNS has been deployed at numerous DNAPL sites, provides confirmation of the presence of NAPL and negates the necessity of bringing large volumes of soil core to the surface for analysis.