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2009-09-29 PRES
Presidential Event

2009-09-29 AEI
Academic Employment Initiative

2009-09-29 AGFD
Division of Agricultural & Food Chemistry

2009-09-29 AGRO
Division of Agrochemicals

2009-09-29 ANYL
Division of Analytical Chemistry

2009-09-29 BIOL
Division of Biological Chemistry

2009-09-29 BIOT
Division of Biochemical Technology

2009-09-29 BMGT
Division of Business Development & Management

2009-09-29 CARB
Division of Carbohydrate Chemistry

2009-09-29 CATL
Division of Catalysis Science and Technology (probationary)

2009-09-29 CELL
Division of Cellulose & Renewable Materials

2009-09-29 CHAL
Division of Chemistry & the Law

2009-09-29 CHAS
Division of Chemical Health & Safety

2009-09-29 CHED
Division of Chemical Education

2009-09-29 CINF
Division of Chemical Information

2009-09-29 COLL
Division of Colloid & Surface Chemistry

2009-09-29 COMP
Division of Computers in Chemistry

2009-09-29 ENVR
Division of Environmental Chemistry
Dionysios D. Dionysiou, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Cincinnati, 765 Baldwin Hall, Cincinnati, OH 45221-0071, Phone: 513-556-0724, Fax: 513-556-2599, dionysios.d.dionysiou@uc.edu. Peney Patton, Business Office, Division of Environmental Chemistry, 6605 2nd St., Lubbock, TX 79416, Phone: 806-781-1513, Fax: 806-792-3374, acs_envr@hotmail.com
2009-09-29 FLUO
Division of Fluorine Chemistry

2009-09-29 FUEL
Division of Fuel Chemistry
Chang-jun Liu, School of Chemical Engineering and Technology, Tianjin University, P.O. Box 796666, 92 Wei Jin Road, Tianjin 300072 China, Phone: +86 22 27406490, Fax: +86 22 27890078, ughg_cjl@yahoo.com. Velu Subramani, Refining Technology (New Technology Advanced Refining), BP Products North America Inc, 150 West Warrenville Road, Bldg: 701, Office # 1131, Naperville, IL 60563, Phone: 630-420-5583, velu.subramani@bp.com
2009-09-29 GEOC
Division of Geochemistry

2009-09-29 HIST
Division of the History of Chemistry

2009-09-29 IEC
Division of Industrial & Engineering Chemistry

2009-09-29 INOR
Division of Inorganic Chemistry

2009-09-29 MEDI
Division of Medicinal Chemistry

2009-09-29 NUCL
Division of Nuclear Chemistry & Technology
Silvia S. Jurisson, Department of Chemistry, University of Missouri-Columbia, 601 S. College Avenue, Columbia, MO 65211, Phone: 573-882-2107, Fax: 573-882-2754, JurissonS@missouri.edu
2009-09-29 ORGN
Division of Organic Chemistry

2009-09-29 PETR
Division of Petroleum Chemistry

2009-09-29 PHYS
Division of Physical Chemistry

2009-09-29 PMSE
Division of Polymeric Materials: Science & Engineering

2009-09-29 POLY
Division of Polymer Chemistry

2009-09-29 PROF
Division of Professional Relations

2009-09-29 RUBB
Rubber Division

2009-09-29 SCHB
Division of Small Chemical Businesses

2009-09-29 TECH
Division of Chemical Technicians

2009-09-29 TOXI
Division of Chemical Toxicology

2009-09-29 BTEC
Biotechnology Secretariat

2009-09-29 MACR
Macromolecular Secretariat

2009-09-29 MTLS
Materials Chemistry Secretariat

2009-09-29 CCA
Committee on Community Activities

2009-09-29 CEI
Committee on Environmental Improvement

2009-09-29 CEPA
Committee on Economic & Professional Affairs

2009-09-29 CMA
Committee on Minority Affairs

2009-09-29 COMSCI
Committee on Science

2009-09-29 CORP
Committee on Corporation Associates

2009-09-29 CPS
Committee on Project SEED

2009-09-29 CPT
Committee on Professional Training

2009-09-29 CWD
Committee on Chemists with Disabilities

2009-09-29 ETHC
Committee on Ethics

2009-09-29 IAC
International Activities Committee

2009-09-29 LSAC
Committee on Local Section Activities

2009-09-29 NOM
Committee on Nomenclature, Terminology and Symbols

2009-09-29 SOCED
Society Committee on Education

2009-09-29 WCC
Women Chemists Committee

2009-09-29 YCC
Younger Chemists Committee



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